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How it all started...

You had seen enough gangster movies to know that your brother, Jason, was paranoid. It was textbook. You were sat in a restaurant and he had made sure to pick the table in the far corner, next to the window, where he could have a clear view of the door. You were trying to have a conversation with him but he was obviously distracted. Twiddling his thumbs, glancing at the door every two seconds, looking out of the window the rest of the time. Maybe paranoid was the wrong word, he was plain scared! After what felt like the thousandth time he had glanced at the window and muttered; 'Uh huh', you couldn't help but let out a deep sigh.

'What's wrong with you, Jason?' Your words seemed to snap him back to reality. He stared at you, considering. You guessed he was deciding whether or not he should tell you. He seemed to decide that he should.

'I'm in trouble, little bro.' He let out a long breath, clearly unsure how to proceed. 'There's this compan-...'

He was interrupted by a loud screeching sound. His head whipped around to look out of the window and his face distorted in horror at what he saw. A black car had appeared on the street outside of the restaurant, you quickly noticed it had no registraion plates. All four doors flew open and a man in a suit got out of each door. After thinking about movies earlier, you couldn't help but think that these guys had flown straight out of The Godfather... They all wore pinstriped suits, with the hats to match, they were all carrying something, too. Something that looked disturbingly like... tommy guns! You couldn't help the look of pure shock that appeared on your face, you looked at your brother, begging him for an explanation with your eyes.

'We need to get out of here, now!' was all he said.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you to behind the long counter and motioned for you to crouch down behind it. He crouched down beside you and pulled a pistol out of the inside pocket of his jacket. He checked the magazine and seemed satisfied, so he cocked it and braced himself against the counter.

'Bro, this is no time for questions, I need you to do exactly what I say, you hear me?'

You could barely concentrate, you were so scared. 'Of course, Jase...' was all you could manage.

'On my word, I want you to run. Don't look back, just run! I will cover you. You have to promise me, you can't worry about me, man. I'll follow when it's safe... If it ever gets safe. This is my problem, little bro, you can't get yourself caught up in it.'

You and your brother stared into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. You finally nodded, there was no other option, you would just hold him down if you didn't get away...

Jason slowly raised his eyes above the counter, the four suited men were really close to the full length window of the restaurant now, peering inside. The other people in the restaurant had already gotten underneath their tables. Cowering, praying, scared. He settled back down into his crouched position, and took a deep breath.

'On three, bro. One... Two... THREE!'

You got up and bolted as fast as you could towards the restaurant door but when the glass shattered and the guns started firing, you couldn't help but dive to the ground. Natural reaction. Your brother looked angry.

'What are you doing?! Run!' he screamed.

He turned around, rested his arms on the counter and started firing back with his pistol. He managed to hit one of them straight away, but the others took cover. One behind the car, the other two on the walls each side of the now non-existant window. Your brother fired a few more shots and took cover himself. His persuers returned some fire and then re-took cover. Your brother crouched up and screamed at you to go, then fired a few more shots. You knew you had to get up and go, you were so vulnerable and out in the open at the moment. You climbed to your feet, opened the door and ran into the street.

A black car sped to you and skidded to a stop, the back door flew open and a man, leaning over from the far side shouted; 'get in!'

You turned around and screamed at your brother;

'Jason! Jason! Get over here! We can get away!'

Your brother looked over at you and even from here, you could see a glimmer of hope appear in his eyes. He peered over the counter and emptied his magazine, then he ran.

You jumped into the car and looked out at your brother, shouting encouragement. Then your world fell apart before your very eyes.

A splatter of red squirted out from your brothers chest, he crumpled to the floor. You jumped out of the car and went to him, saw his eyes rolling into the back of his head. As you were screaming and clinching onto your brother, tears streaming down your cheeks, you felt an unbelievable strong man pull you back, away from Jason. He pulled you into the car and closed the door, but you couldn't avert your view from your brother's crumpled body. The three remaining suited men were next to him, now, looking at you through the car window as you were driven away.

You were silent now, riding in the back of the car. Staring at the ground, a ringing in your ears and your cheeks covered in now drying tears. The man in the front seat, not the driver, spoke to you.

'Hello, young man. My name is Felix. Look, I know you're still shocked and confused, but you can't afford to willow in self-pity for too long. You're in danger. We found you today because we were tipped off. You want to know who is responsible for what happened today? Well, we have a good idea.'

You looked up at Felix, sniffed. 'Who's we?'

'We work for The Family, ran by a man code named Q. That's all I can tell you, for now. Needless to say, the people behind this abomination are enemies of The Family. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? You might not want to trust us and you don't have to but, believe me, we want to see these people pay, just as much as you do. Your brother, Jason, was a great man and a great employee of The Family. Come and work for us. We can help you gain the money, power and notoriety you will need to go against The Company. You work for us, do what we ask and when the time is right, we take down The Company, including the people that killed your brother.'

You frowned, looked at the floor. Bring down the people that killed my brother? Jason was the only family you had left. You didn't really need to think twice...

'I'm in.'

'Excellent.' Replied the man. 'You will be contacted soon.' He shot a smile to the guy sat next to you. 'Let him out here, he should be safe.'

When you got out of the car, the driver wound down his window and threw something at you, you caught it and saw that it was a roll of bills. Some money for a place to stay, you guessed. You muttered your thanks and stood by as the car drove away.

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